Seven Critics of Victory: Chloe Maveal on Seven Soldiers #0


When I first had the chance to read issue #0 of Seven Soldiers, I was 15 years old, obsessed with Grant Morrison (after talking with many other long-time comic fans, I’m convinced this is an inevitable phase), and thought this was the most amazing set up for a story.  But when I got the chance to read it again after almost fifteen years I spent the better part of its fifty pages going “…what the fuck is this?”

In fact, I read it about four times again before it even began to sink in that this was, at one point, the most phenomenal intro to a series that I had read. In short, I shot my angst-ridden teen self a glance in hindsight because honestly… I genuinely don’t believe that the famous Seven Soldiers issue #0 should have existed at all. Well, at least not in the capacity that…

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