Amazing Spider-Man #242: Thinking About The Mad Thinker


Welcome to Spider-Man Roulette! Shelfdust’s Patreon backers were asked to pick a number at random – and now I’m going to write about whichever corresponding issue of “Amazing Spider-Man” they chose! This issue was picked by Patreon backers Kieran Shiach and Helena Hart, who chose number 242 for the roulette!

Issue #242 of Spider-Man features a surprise fight scene halfway through, where the character is caught out daydreaming when suddenly he’s attacked by a mystery villain… which turns out to be an android created by the Mad Thinker as part of his latest experiment. Having started with some character-drama for Peter Parker, the issue takes a random swerve across into a fight scene before then heading back to the character-drama at the end.

Being a superhero comic, there is a feeling that there has to be a fight scene in each issue. It’s a strange demand to think about: that…

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