Seven Critics of Victory: Steve Foxe on Klarion #1


There’s a grand, unfortunate irony to Grant Morrison’s career: much of his most beloved work relies on DC Comics’ deep, complicated legacy, but the publisher largely refuses to play with any of the toys that Morrison adds to its shared toy box. Morrison helped lay the groundwork for the Vertigo imprint with his gonzo, self-aware work on Doom Patrol and Animal Man, perfected the blockbuster JLA formula, reconciled the many contradictory facets of Batman, and added or reinvented innumerable characters through projects like TheMultiversity, yet few if any creators ever pick up his contributions once he wraps up a series. If it weren’t for Damian Wayne’s ongoing presence, it’d be hard to point definitively to anything in the current DC Universe that owes its origins to Morrison. Perhaps the most obvious — and most disappointing — example of DC’s unwillingness to say “Yes, and…” to Morrison’s boundless…

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