X-Men #2: Good Old Fashioned Family Fun


It’s so weird to see Cyclops, Rachel, and Cable talking to one another. For a long time, the whole idea was that writers would actively try and keep them out of each other’s way, so we don’t have to experience any of those things readers so infamously hate like “characterisation” or “family dynamics” or whatever. But all some readers have ever wanted is to see Cyclops spend more time with his kids, time-travelled as they may be, and see that other side of them all. The three characters are pretty much always in business mode, with agendas and plans and secrets which see them racing round the world on various missions, usually without anyone else kept in on the loop.

But with the X-Men getting everything they ever wanted thanks to Krakoa, one of the first things the creative team do is take those three characters and throw them together…

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