Seven Critics of Victory: Klarion #2


By Steve Foxe

For the first issue of Klarion, I accused Grant Morrison of playing it a bit safe with Klarion’s characterization. Sure, he’s a blue witch boy from a secluded colony of Roanoke descendents, but he yearns to explore the outside world and escape his conservative small town just like countless other protagonists throughout literary history. We know Klarion will grow into his impishness, but at first, he simply seems earnest. If there is anything traditional about Klarion’s first issue, though, its second chapter reassures readers that this is still the Morrison they know and love directing the ship. 

“YE SOUGHT A WORLD BEYOND LIMBO TOWN BUT THERE CAN BE NO SUCH WORLD!” bellows the Horigal, the imposing mish-mash creature threatening Klarion when the issue opens. “THE TRUTH WOULD BLIND YE!”

Note that the Horigal doesn’t say that there is no world beyond Limbo Town, but that

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